5 Must-See Themed Airbnb Homes In Orlando – Designed by Magic Interiors

Frozen Themed Bedroom designed by Magic Interiors

5 Must-See Themed Airbnb Homes in Orlando – Designed by Magic Interiors

Magic Interiors, based in Orlando, Florida, redefines themed interior design with their stunning Airbnb vacation homes. Each property offers a unique fusion of creativity and luxury and promises an unforgettable holiday experience. Delve into the distinctive themes and luxurious comforts of these must-visit properties.

1. Magic Manor

Located just 10 miles from Disney World in the Windsor Island Resort, Magic Manor is a vast 4400 sq ft realm of imagination. This estate features seven themed bedrooms, including an Avatar-inspired double bedroom with a bunk that seems to float on water, enhanced by black light-reactive paint for a mesmerizing nighttime effect. The Mandalorian-themed game room, a Diagon Alley-inspired loft, a Cinderella-themed bedroom, and a Harry Potter-themed escape room offer distinct enchantments, catering to enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

2. Orlando Barbie Dream House

Situated within the Champions Gate Resort, the Orlando Barbie Dream House is the epitome of an immersive barbie themed experience. The property boasts a custom-designed Barbie bedroom with a Rodeo Drive window display, a custom Barbie Box Instagram wall, scenic murals, a Spiderverse-themed bedroom, a Mario-themed game area, and a dedicated Mario Galaxy-themed game room with a home theater. Access to resort amenities like a large pool and sports courts makes every moment here splendidly enjoyable.

3. Mario’s Magic Mansion

In Windsor at Westside Resort lies Mario’s Magic Mansion, an ode to the vibrant world of Nintendo. Featuring bedrooms themed after Moana and a Smash Bros game room, the property transports you into a lively 8-bit universe. An inventive Moana slide cascading into a Super Mario-themed area completes this gamer’s paradise.

4. Enchanted Rainforest Retreat

The Enchanted Rainforest Retreat offers an enchanting escape with its Indiana Jones-themed movie theater and fairytale-like children’s rooms. Located in Windsor Island Resort, this property features a bespoke rainforest-themed game room in a loft, where custom murals, arcade games, and a unique Instagram wall create a magical ambiance. A Frozen 2-themed bedroom with twinkling star effects underlines the property’s whimsical charm.

5. Little Mermaid’s Adventure Resort Home

Little Mermaid themed custom queen size double bunk bed with black light reactive paint and special effects
queen size double bunk bed with black light reactive paint and special effects

At the Encore Resort, The Ultimate Adventure Resort Home blends adventure with luxury over a sprawling space. Highlights include an under-the-sea bedroom with a sand castle bed, superhero-themed rooms, and a Star Wars-themed galactic game room. This home is designed not just for a stay but for creating lasting memories and stories.

Each of these properties by Magic Interiors is a destination in itself, meticulously curated to elevate your vacation with rich thematic interiors and extraordinary comforts. Are you inspired to transform your property or experience a themed vacation like no other?

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What themed design would you love for your next vacation or home project? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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