How Many TVs Should Be in an Airbnb for Optimal Guest Experience?

How Many TVs Should Be in an Airbnb for Optimal Guest Experience?


Smart TVs have become staples in homes worldwide, and your Airbnb shouldn’t be an exception. But how many TVs should an Airbnb have to provide an optimal guest experience? What size should these TVs be, and what types are best suited for a vacation rental? To ensure your property stands out and maximizes guest satisfaction, let’s dive into these questions. The best TV for Airbnb can make all the difference in guest reviews and repeat bookings.

The Ideal Number of TVs in an Airbnb

One TV Per Key Area: For an ordinary-sized Airbnb, consider furnishing each major living area with a TV. Typically, this includes the living room and each bedroom.

  • Living Room: A TV in the living room is non-negotiable. This is usually the central relaxation area where guests gather.
  • Bedrooms: Providing TVs in each bedroom offers added convenience, allowing each guest to unwind in their own space.

Additional Spaces: For larger properties, it may also be beneficial to include TVs in other frequently used areas such as:

  • Play or Game Room: If your property has a designated play area, a TV can be an excellent addition for gaming purposes[1].
  • Outdoor Spaces: An outdoor TV can add a luxury touch, perfect for evening movies by the pool.

Optimal TV Sizes for Airbnbs

Living Room: A TV size between 55 to 65 inches is ideal for the living room. This ensures visibility from different areas of the room, accommodating various seating arrangements.

Bedrooms: A 40—to 55-inch TV is often sufficient in bedrooms. It strikes the right balance between being large enough to enjoy from the bed and not overwhelming the space.

Best TV for Airbnb – Types and Features

Smart TVs with Roku: Smart TVs, particularly those with built-in Roku, are highly recommended. Here’s why:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Roku TVs are known for their intuitive and easy-to-navigate interfaces, minimizing confusion for guests unfamiliar with the system[2].
  • Streaming Capabilities: Most guests expect access to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. Roku accommodates multiple streaming platforms, making it a versatile choice[3].
  • Guest Mode: Some Roku TVs offer a “guest mode” that allows guests to sign in with their credentials, ensuring their personal data is erased upon checkout.

Placement and Installation Tips

Placement: Ensure your TVs are placed at eye level when seated. This promotes comfort and enhances the viewing experience.

Wall Mounts: Using wall mounts helps save space and ensures the TV is out of reach from accidental bumps. Articulating mounts can be a great addition, allowing guests to adjust the angle for optimal viewing.

Cable Management: Keep cables hidden and organized. This not only looks cleaner but also reduces safety hazards.

Enhancing the Guest Experience

High-Speed Internet: A robust internet connection is crucial to support streaming on multiple devices without interruptions. Ensure your WiFi is capable of handling the demand, particularly during peak times[4].

Clear Instructions: Provide clear and simple instructions for using the TVs and streaming services. A visual guide or a laminated sheet can be very helpful.

Remote Controls: Ensure all remote controls are working and easy to find. Consider labeling them and including spare batteries as a thoughtful touch.

Additional Best Practices

Regular Maintenance: Regularly check the functionality of your TVs and streaming services. Update apps and firmware to prevent any issues during a guest’s stay.

Input Options: Ensure your TVs have multiple input options (HDMI, USB) available for guests who might bring their own streaming devices or gaming consoles[5].

Sound Systems: Consider adding soundbars or other sound systems to enhance the audio experience, especially in the living room. This small upgrade can significantly improve overall satisfaction.


Offering an optimal number of TVs, strategically placed and of the appropriate size, can significantly enhance the comfort and satisfaction of your guests. Opting for Smart TVs with Roku ensures ease of use and access to various entertainment options, reflecting a commitment to modern amenities and excellent guest experience. The best TV for Airbnb can set your property apart and keep guests coming back.

How many TVs do you currently have in your Airbnb? Have you considered the impact of Smart TV features on your guests’ experience? Share your thoughts and join the conversation below!

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With these tips, your Airbnb property will not only meet but exceed guest expectations, ensuring top-notch reviews and repeat bookings. Invest in the best TV for Airbnb today, and your guests will thank you tomorrow.

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