How to Create an Epic Game-Themed Airbnb

Mario themed game room - Orlando Airbnb

Vacation rental properties have evolved into unique experiences rather than mere places to stay. Themed Airbnbs are particularly popular, offering guests an unforgettable experience tied to a specific interest or passion. For property owners and Airbnb hosts, creating a game-themed Airbnb can set your rental apart in a saturated market.

Designing a Mario Themed Airbnb Room

Let’s start with a fan-favorite: Mario. Mario has been a significant part of gaming culture for decades, so why not bring the Mushroom Kingdom to life in your Airbnb property?

Wall Murals and Color Schemes

A Mario-themed room can be achieved with a thoughtful combination of wall murals and color schemes. Opt for:

  • Bright reds and blues as your base colors.
  • Custom-painted murals depicting Mario, Luigi, Peach, and other iconic characters.

Murals can transform a standard wall into a vibrant scene from the game. Alternatively, high-quality decals could also work if you’re hesitant about permanency[1].

3D Elements and Accessories

Include 3D elements to enhance the immersion:

  • Mushroom-shaped lamps and question block shelves.
  • Green pipes used as hampers or storage solutions.
  • Faux brick walls to mimic the famous blocks from the game.

Interactive Elements

Consider adding interactive elements like:

  • Sound-activated lights that mimic the game’s sound effects when turned on.
  • VR headsets with Mario-themed games can also drive the thematic experience home.


Choose playful yet functional furniture, such as bunk beds designed as Mario’s castle or a seating area that resembles a Mario Kart racing track[2].

Creating a Board Game Themed Space

For a different gaming experience, consider a board game-themed space. This setup can attract families and groups of friends looking to spend quality time together.

Wall Treatments

Use wall-mounted board games like Scrabble or an oversized Connect Four to create an interactive experience.

Custom Built-In Furniture

Custom tables with storage solutions can house a variety of board games. Built-in seating with storage compartments can make for a cozy yet functional space[3][4].

Lighting and Decor

Opt for:

  • Soft ambient lighting that’s easy on the eyes.
  • Board game-themed cushions and throw blankets for an added cozy feel.

Shelving units showcasing board games can act as storage and decor, maintaining a library-like aesthetic.

Themed Game Rooms: A Gamer’s Paradise

A specialized game room can be the cherry on top for a game-themed Airbnb.

Technology Integration

Modern game rooms often include high-end gaming systems like PS5, Xbox Series X, or VR systems.


  • High-definition TVs with soundproofing to enhance the gaming experience without disturbing other guests.
  • RGB LED lighting to create a dynamic, immersive environment[5][6].

Retro Arcade Machines

A mix of modern and classic can be wildly appealing. Consider adding:

  • Classic arcade games like Pac-Man or Space Invaders.
  • Pinball machines for a nostalgic touch[7].

Black Light Reactive Murals

For an offbeat touch, black light reactive murals can transform your game room into an otherworldly space. These murals glow under black light, creating an environment reminiscent of neon arcades.

Comfortable Seating

Gaming chairs, bean bags, and modular seating options can enhance comfort over long gaming sessions. Ensure your setup includes spaces for both solo and team play.

Practical Considerations and Maintenance

Customization versus Durability

While walls adorned with custom murals or high-end gaming setups can define your property, maintaining these elements is crucial:

  • Opt for durable, easy-to-clean materials.
  • Regularly check electronic equipment to ensure everything is functioning correctly.
  • Safety is crucial; ensure multiple charging stations and secure cable management to prevent tripping hazards.

Marketing Your Themed Airbnb

Leverage high-quality, thematic photos to market your property. Highlight unique features in your listings and social media platforms to draw attention. Engage with local influencers to amplify your reach[12].

Booking Platforms

List your property on major platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, and to reach a diverse audience. Offering direct booking options with incentives like discounts for recurring guests can help increase loyalty and direct traffic.

Turn Your Vacation Rental into a Game-Themed Haven

Building a game-themed Airbnb combines creativity with practicality. By understanding your target audience and incorporating elements they love, you can create a space that stands out and provides an unforgettable experience.

Ready to transform your vacation rental into an epic game-themed Airbnb? Schedule a no-obligation consultation call with Magic Interiors to turn your dream into reality. .

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