How to Create a Scroll-Stopping Airbnb That Boosts Revenue

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Elevate Airbnb Revenue with Aesthetic and Functional Interior Design

Table of Contents

  1. Why Design Matters for Airbnb Success
    1. Common Design Mistakes to Avoid
  2. The Benefits of Professional Airbnb Design
  3. Airbnb Design Ideas for a DIY Approach
  4. Conclusion

Barbie themed loft in vacation rental Orlando Florida designed to boost Airbnb revenue

Why Design Matters for Airbnb Success

Airbnb interior design affects Airbnb revenue directly. A well-designed space can create a memorable guest experience, increase bookings, and boost revenue potential by 30-50%. Conversely, a poorly designed Airbnb can turn guests away and limit the property’s earning potential.

As Erica, Founder and Lead Design expert at Magic Interiors, explains, “Design can make or break the guest experience and the property’s full revenue potential.” Investing in professional design or planning and executing a DIY design carefully can pay off in the long run.

Common Design Mistakes to Avoid

Newer Airbnb investors often make mistakes in their design approach, which can negatively impact their Airbnb revenue. Some common pitfalls include:

  • Not conducting enough market research to understand the ideal guest and competition.
  • Underestimating the budget needed for design, furnishings, and unexpected expenses.
  • Failing to create a cohesive design that resonates with the target audience.

To avoid these mistakes and enhance Airbnb revenue, it’s essential to allocate an adequate budget for design, research the target market and guest profile, and develop a comprehensive design plan.

Beach bedroom designed by Magic Interiors to increase Airbnb revenue

The Benefits of Professional Airbnb Design

Working with a professional designer like Magic Interiors may significantly increase your Airbnb revenue. Properties designed by experts have been reported to see a 30-50% increase in revenue potential and a 2-3 times higher average daily rate (ADR) compared to competitors. 

Professional designers bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. They can help you:

  • Conduct thorough market research.
  • Create a unique and detailed design plan that optimizes the space for guest experience and revenue.
  • Source high-quality furnishings and decor.
  • Provide an installation guide for seamless execution.

While hiring a professional designer may require a higher upfront investment, the potential return on investment makes it a worthwhile consideration for serious Airbnb hosts looking to boost their Airbnb revenue.

Airbnb Design Ideas for a DIY Approach

For hosts who prefer a DIY approach, there are still many ways to create a successful Airbnb design and maximize Airbnb revenue. Some key steps include:

  1. Set a realistic budget that accounts for furnishings, decor, and contingencies.
  2. Understand the functional requirements of the space and how guests will use it.
  3. Conduct market research to identify design trends and guest preferences.
  4. Develop a sourcing plan for furniture and decor that fits the budget and design vision.
  5. Consider consulting with a design expert for guidance and feedback.

Remember, designing an Airbnb is an ongoing process. As guest expectations and competition evolve, it’s important to continuously enhance and improve the property to stay ahead of the curve and maintain high Airbnb revenue.


Creating a scroll-stopping Airbnb interior design is essential to stand out in a competitive market and maximize Airbnb revenue. By investing in professional design or following best practices for DIY design, hosts can create a space that wows guests and keeps them returning for more.

Ready to improve your Airbnb design? Browse our collection of design resources for more tips, inspiration, and expert advice on increasing your Airbnb revenue.

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